VW to Curb Skoda’s Growth?

It has been rumoured this week that Volkswagen are looking at measures that will curtail Skoda’s growth amid fears that the Czech manufacturer is on-track to overtake Volkswagen within the Volkswagen Group. As VW continues to overcome the shock-waves felt by the recent DieselGate scandal, Skoda have continued to grow…

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Winged Arrow Explained at Last!


It is the age old question – just what is the Škoda logo? Well, now Škoda themselves have answered that question once and for all. In an exciting video inspired by Night at the Museum, Škoda explains that the Winged Arrow actually traces its routes back to a Native American Seal. As ever,…

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Fingers Crossed for AGM this Weekend!

All fingers (and toes) are crossed as we prepare for the AGM this weekend. The event will see a welcome return to camping events within the Club calendar so all attendees are hoping for dry weather! The Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday. The meeting is being held…

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Welcome to pmol’s page. I am sure she’d like some online fans. Despite her humble origins, she is quite an outgoing girl and isn’t afraid of a bit of attention. Indeed, she takes a certain degree of self-satisfaction from making people smile. So, let’s start her story at the beginning.…

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