Valuations & Historic Dating

The Club is in a unique position to be able to offer valuation and historic dating services for your cherished Škoda. As we are recognised by the DVLA and accredited to the FBHVC our valuations and input can be a real help in securing a new, appropriate valuation or having your car correctly dated.

If your insurer asks for an insurance valuation then the Club can help. We have valued a whole range of Škodas recently including a low mileage 1989 Rapid and a 2002 Octavia vRS WRC.

A Club accredited valuation will allow your pride and joy to be insured for the proper amount should the worst ever happen.

Historic Dating
The Club has a close relationship with the Škoda Archive in the Czech Republic. We are able to assist in dating newly imported cars or existing UK cars that need have questions raised about their registration date. This can be of particular importance with the rolling road tax exemption.


The Club can help with dating classic models, including recently imported models.

If you would like more information, please email Mark Fisher.



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