Club to Celebrate Estelle 40th


The Škoda Estelle is celebrating its 40th birthday and so to mark this special occasion the Club will be throwing a birthday party at the Festival of Classic & Sports Cars on Sunday 7th August. Whilst the event is open to all ages of Škodas, and we welcome them all, we are hoping to assemble as many Estelle models as possible.

Lukasz Sochacki's restored Rapid.

Lukasz Sochacki’s restored Rapid.

The Škoda 742 was launched at the Brno Engineer Fair in 1976. The new model shared many mechanical components with the outgoing S-series models but most notably, now had a front mounted radiator. Production lasted for 14 years during which time the 742 saw various developments and improvements. A facelift in 1983 saw semi-trailing arm suspension introduced in a bid to quash earlier complaints about the wayward handling of the swing axle equipped models. It was also in 1983 that the Rapid Garde was launched, a stylish two door coupe based on the same mechanicals. Later Rapid models saw the introduction of all aluminium engine (the 136) and fuel injection for the first time (the 135 RiC).

Two of the earliest Estelle models in the UK

Two of the earliest Estelle models in the UK

The Estelle, a UK market name only, grew in popularity over the years and its extreme value for money was often lauded by the motoring press. Coupled with success in motorsport, sales grew throughout production and the Estelle became an ubiquitous sight on UK roads. Today, few survive. Those that do are in the hands of caring owners and the cars are now being restored to their former glory having suffered years as unappreciated bangers. The Club is proud to have a relatively large number of Estelle and Rapid cars between our members and we’re looking forward to celebrating  40 years of these quirky little cars!


If you would like to come along to the event then please let Mark Fisher know as soon as possible. We only have limited stand space available and they’re allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets cost £10 per car.


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