European Sales Success for Škoda

Sales figures for the first quarter of 2016 have recently been released and despite what you might think given the Dieselgate scandal, there is good news for Škoda and the Volkswagen Group as a whole.

The figures, which look at car sales across all of Europe compiled by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, show that the Volkswagen Group has performed better than anticipated with just a 0.5% drop in sales over the same period in 2015. Whilst this drop is undoubtedly a result of the negative press associated with the diesel emissions scandal that dominated headlines in the latter half of last year it does highlight the strong resilience within the Group, its products and image. However, whilst the Golf remains Europe’s favourite car, selling a staggering 130,367 cars in the last quarter, Seat’s results weren’t so buoyant with a drop of 3.4% in sales, the biggest drop within the Group.

And what of Škoda I hear you asking? Well, it is good news. Very good news indeed. Škoda’s sales rose by 9% and subsequently they swapped places with Nissan to be crowned the 10th most popular manufacturer in Europe. Such a result isn’t unexpected when you consider that both the Octavia and the Fabia fall into the top 20 selling models across the continent, in 10th and 20th place respectively.

Perhaps then, it comes as no surprise that last month Škoda celebrated the 5,000,000th Octavia rolling off the production line since production started back in 1996.


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