1997 Skoda Felicia 1.3L


Rob Parker-Norman


Welcome to pmol’s page. I am sure she’d like some online fans. Despite her humble origins, she is quite an outgoing girl and isn’t afraid of a bit of attention. Indeed, she takes a certain degree of self-satisfaction from making people smile.

So, let’s start her story at the beginning. Pmol came into my life in 2013. A few months previously we’d bought another Felicia as a local runabout. This car turned out to be rather rusty and when the clutch showed signs of expiration we sought a replacement. As if by fate, my old primary school teacher got in touch to tell me about a Felicia he’d taken in part exchange. My wife, Sophie, and I agreed to go and take a look. We have a policy of not leaving a Skoda at the side of the road if we can help it and within the hour we’d agreed to give her a home.


pmol on the day we bought her – June 2013.

It was her splendid Atlantic Green paintwork that really swung the deal for us. I mean, how could you not love the colour? That she had a lovely 45,000 miles, full MOT and generally sound bodywork only sweetened the deal. We took her home with us to rural Wales and she found a new lease of life carting my wife around various farms whilst she completed her PhD in rural science.

Mechanically she ran well. She came to us with mis-threaded hubs but these were exchanged with our first Felicia which became a donor car. Now what you must understand is that the remarkable thing about Felicia ownership is that they’re so cheap; not only to buy but to own and run. To this end I have enjoyed personalising pmol over the years.

She has acquired a set of 13” Favorit 5 spoke wheels (I need some centre caps if anyone has any!?) which are finished off with bright green wheel nut covers and valve caps. The roofrack was a £5 eBay purchase and has been fantastically useful. The towbar a £10 bargain. A front strut brace, painted in fire hydrant red came from a fellow Felicia nut in the Club. LEDs have replaced the bulbs inside. My best buy though was the 99p interior from a Felicia Pacific. The contrasting blue is perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but come on, it’s cool!

When she failed an MOT on worn dampers I had them changed out for some GAZ items which put heed to the excess body roll as standard. The 54bhp 1.3 isn’t particularly quick but it is only really a problem on a motorway. She hasn’t complained at any time and we’ve tested her endurance on several occasions towing trailers full of bricks and towing stranded Rapids where required! Recently she even towed my SAAB 9-5!

May 2015 - posing for her For Sale advert...

May 2015 – posing for her For Sale advert…

In 2015, we were facing a relocation from Wales and some changes were required. Pmol feel victim to the move. We were sad but it was a necessary step. But we wouldn’t forget all the adventures with pmol. This is where the story should end if I were a normal, sensible person. But come on, who can call themselves sensible and normal around here?

I just couldn’t shrug pmol from my mind. I started looking for another Felicia about 10 months later. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything suitable. Again though, fate came into play and I was sent a link to an advert for a little green Felicia, registration “P87 MOL”. “I’ll take it” read my message to the vendor.

Just over a year later - I bought her back!

Just over a year later – I bought her back!

So, in 2016 she joined us at our new home. I think she’ll stay for the long haul this time. Just over four years to the day since we first acquired here she’s now sitting at 75,000 miles and shows no signs of slowing down. The concern however, is the corrosion which is really starting to take hold. I can’t weld so I am going to have to farm out this job. I wonder, has anyone carried out similar repairs to their Felicia? Please let me know.


How can I fix this?!

In the meantime, I’ve a fair few upgrades planned for pmol and I’ll post about them soon!




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