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26 of Skoda’s vocational students from the Skoda Academy were given free reign and a Rapid Spaceback, to design their Dream Coupe! They came up with the Skoda Atero, a sporty 2 door compact coupe, with 18 inch alloy wheels and an 1800 watt stereo system. And very eyecatching bodywork!

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Atero on track.

It is becoming a yearly tradition at the Academy for Skoda to give the students the resources to build their own car, after the Citijet (2014) and Funstar (2015). The Atero is a fully functional, unique car, the aim of which is to demonstrate the students’ expertise and creativity.

SKODA Atero - SKODA vocational students built their dream coupe (3)

Skoda left the design of this concept to their team of apprentices.

The students started work on the Škoda Atero at the end of 2015. The team of 26 from the Škoda vocational school in Mladá Boleslav – four young women and 22 young men – developed and implemented the concept together with the support of the instructors, Technical Development, Design and Production departments. “This was a unique occasion for everyone to meet new people, to form new friendships across all professions, and to test and put theoretical knowledge into practice,” said the spokesman for the student team Dan Voce, adding “This project took about 1700 working hours to complete, and we are all very proud of the result.”

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Atero features a fastback, two door body.

Measuring 4.3 metres in length, the Škoda Atero is a compact, two-door coupé. It is hard to imagine the vehicle that provided the basis for the design was actually the Škoda Rapid Spaceback; the conversion was even more comprehensive than those of the two previous ‘student cars’. The B-pillars have been moved to the rear, the C-pillars’ incline is sharper. The sloping roofline begins at an earlier point, whilst the window edge behind the doors points upwards.

160525 SKODA ATERO (6)

Rapid based prototype showcases the design ambitions of the Skoda apprentices.

Other components have also undergone complex alterations. Vents add structure to the bonnet and the doors have been extended. The tailgate is aligned with the new angle of the C-pillars and sports a long edge spoiler; the tail lights have also been modified. The rear bumper surrounds the large tailpipes of the exhaust system, which comes from the Škoda Octavia vRS. A large air vent is integrated into the front bumper. The Škoda Atero’s headlights feature LED technology with red backlights.

160525 SKODA ATERO (4)

Design takes cues from whole brand language.

The 1.4 l TSI engine (92 kW/125 PS) and the 7-speed DSG gearbox have colour changes, the team of students made considerable changes to the chassis. The 18-inch wheels in the ‘Turini’ design come from the Škoda Octavia. They are painted black with red stripes. Ventilated, manually perforated brake discs sit behind the front wheels.

The Škoda Atero is painted in metallic Black Magic, accessories (wing, spoiler, sills) come in Corrida Red; the radiator grille, air intake and diffuser insert are also surrounded by red contours. In the interior, red lighting creates a sporty atmosphere; ambient lighting with LED technology adds highlights. A 1,800-watt audio amplifier powers 14 speakers. Located in the boot, the subwoofer alone has a 400-watt output.


With the Škoda Atero project, the Czech car manufacturer underlines the high quality of their vocational training. The Škoda vocational school was founded in 1927 and offers three- and four-year training courses in technical subjects, leading to either an apprenticeship diploma or a school leaving certificate for university access. Currently, almost 900 full-time students, 14 per cent of whom are women, are enrolled in 14 vocational courses. Around 100 employees are currently improving their existing qualifications with further training courses. Upon successful completion, all graduates of the Škoda vocational school are offered a job at Škoda.

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