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K-Rapid at Skodafest

This is the K-Rapid. The name hints at what lurks below the Ford Performance Blue engine lid. In place of the original 1289cc Skoda engine sits a 1.6 16v DOHC Rover K-series engine originally from a Rover 400. The beauty of this conversion is huge jump in power (62bhp plays 123bhp) with only a small weight penalty, a crucial decider given the engine’s position out back beyond the rear axle.


Rover engine looks factory fresh.


The conversion was originally carried out in 2010 by Club member Kieran Jackson. A unique flywheel, adaptor plate and engine mounts were required to fit the engine to the original Skoda gearbox. Further fabrication and lateral thinking saw a Megajolt ignition system running a custom map take care of spark delivery whilst fuel is supplied by a quartet of Yamaha FZS 600 33mm bike carbs. The results are a revy powerplant with a healthy increase in power over the standard 111bhp.

Factory fresh installation

In 2012 the car was sold to another Club member, Lee Humpheson. Lee took the completed conversion and oversaw the transformation to the rest of the car. To begin with the flat black paint was replaced with this luscious, deep, rich Ford Performance Blue hue. This was no quick blow over though but a complete respray including door shuts, floor and boot. Lee then retrimmed the boot and tidied up the interior generally. Look out for the neat touches such as the Audi TT sourced air vents and Octavia vRS metal door lock pins. Everywhere you look with the K-Rapid you appreciate the intense attention to detail.

Upgraded audio complements the OEM+ theme.

Over the next year or so Lee then slaved away in the engine bay. The engine was rebuilt, a new headgasket fitted coupled with an uprated water pump and additional temperature coolant sensors added. We’ll have none of the reknowned K-series head gasket failures here thank you very much. Blue silicon hoses complete the repainted engine to create an engine bay that is far too spotless than it has any right to be – this is a rear engined Skoda afterall!



After much soul searching, Lee has now decided to pass the car on to someone else. The list of work is comprehensive and the parts used only of the best quality. If you want a Rapid with flawless paint, modern day reliability and performance and show winning levels of finish, then please contact Lee (lhumpheson@gmail.com) to discuss the purchase.


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